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Akam Elrajhi

Akam Elrajhi seeks to be the leading company that contributes to the success of the real estate sector, and to be one of the fastest growing real estate developers in the Middle East. Starting from Cairo’s New Capital, Akam Elrajhi always excels in all its projects aiming to become the leader of innovation in real estate development.

Akam Elrajhi offers the highest return of investment to its customers, investors, and clients, providing a unique state-of-the-art residential community. Akam addresses the priorities of its customers, partners and employees through long-term professional relationships based on strong values and gratitude.

In collaboration with the largest real estate developers in the Middle East, Akam Elrajhi is proud to have a reliable track record and a strong history in real estate development, offering exceptional quality and a unique experience to its customers in every project. Akam Elrajhi consists of four entities; the two Egyptian entities are Benayat for real estate investment and Residence Development for real estate and tourism investment. The third entity is Al Muhaid Group, a Saudi Arabian company, and the fourth entity is Faisal Bank.

Akam Elrajhi Projects

D.O.S.E | Phase 1