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Hassan Allam Properties

Hassan Allam Properties specializes in building luxurious residential communities in key locations throughout Egypt. In fact, the Group owns a large real estate portfolio comprising several projects in the northern coast and Cairo as a group. The Group harnesses its vast internal resources of construction, engineering, procurement and experience for the development of real estate. Founded in 1936 by Hassan Mohamed Allam, Construction and Real Estate Development Groups in Egypt.

With a strong fast presence for growth in Algeria and Saudi Arabia through Hassan Allam for construction; they specialize in large-scale and highly complex projects such as power plants, industrial facilities, infrastructure, museums, hospitals and commercial residential areas of the state. Based concessions in the areas of health, energy, transport and social infrastructure. Hassan Allam Construction Company also has a range of complementary business lines including steel manufacturing plants, pipe factories and concrete products production plant.

Hassan Allam Properties Projects

HapTown | Park 226
Swan Lake Residence | Phoenix Apartments