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Kuwait’s National Real Estate Company (NREC) in a joint partnership with Egypt’s Wadi El Nil Company, have established KUWADICO. Bringing together the innovation and vision gained from extensive regional achievements, KUWADICO was founded to develop Grand Heights, a pioneering venture in suburban living.

KUWADICO has built an outstanding presence and prominent reputation based on the core values of honesty and service. These words guide our conduct inside and beyond our walls. Ultimately, our job is to deliver value to our customers. In KUWADICO, we combine regional and international excellence with local knowledge and credibility, and we aim to distinguish what we do by the way we do it in a diverse and highly competitive market.

In the last few weeks, we, alongside every Egyptian citizen, have been watching history being unfolded live on television, with wonder, amazement and a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Then, with an eye of certitude, we became confident that international investors have not lost faith in Egypt’s economy. On the contrary, they will have more confidence in the economy afterwards. We can only imagine the great achievements this county can accomplish given the months and years ahead, to leap forward and transforms its economic power to a global heavyweight.

No matter the circumstances, KUWADICO never loses sight of our commitment to exceed expectations and stand up for our principles. Our passion to do what is right fuels our desire to succeed. Currently, our priority is to meet the demands of our clients, and to honor our commitments towards Grand Heights community. 

It is with great anticipation that we look to our future in Egypt, and we are proud to continue contributing to support the country’s economy. Besides our main role as a real estate developer, KUWADICO prides itself on its involvement in bettering the urban community through its committed principals of social responsibility.