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Auctions Profile

Through years of expertise in the Real Estate Industry, Coldwell Banker utilized its vast experience of the real estate market to conquer the auction’s industry. Founded in 2005, Coldwell Banker Auctions Services had grown significantly to provide not only below market prices but also consultation to facilitate the process and provide all the necessary information about this new concept, which led us to become the market pioneers in the auction services!

Coldwell Banker Auction Services works on improving your property value before sale and providing national exposure, all to help you achieve the desired price for your property in no time. Furthermore, our associates will provide consultation, marketing plans, auction timelines, and disposition of an entire portfolio or single property through the selected auction process.

  • Auctions create competition among buyers.
  • Auctions generate excitement and heighten buyer interest.
  • Auctions give the property the most exposure in the shortest period of time and accelerate sales.
  • Auctions provide 3 opportunities to sell: before, during, and after the auction.
  • Auctions bring potential buyers to a point of decision- to act now or lose the opportunity of purchasing the property.
  • The seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale while maintaining control of the property throughout the auction.
  • Auctions eliminate many unscheduled showings for inspection times.
  • Auctions saves the seller from the negotiation process.
  • Auctions are an aggressive, advanced marketing method that increases potential interest in and awareness of a property.

Bidders are offered the following privileges:

  • Auctioning is a means for protecting bidders against any harmful liability arising from the premises’ subject of the disposition, and thus granting bidders the necessary confidence to go through the process, unlike other buying means.
  • The auctioning methodology is referred to as a means for purifying the premises via public announcement of a competitive bidding procedure, and thus implying proper legal standing of the premises’ deeds and records.
  • Purchasing through auctions reassures any bidder that the seller possesses the necessary sincerity and willingness to hand over the premises in the event that the targeted price threshold (which was agreed upon with the auctioning management team) is attained during the auctioning session.
  • Finding real opportunities.
  • Assets or premises inspection rights are granted to bidders, starting from the moment any auction announcement is made while lasting till the holding of the formal auction session.
  • Bidder’s real time view of demand for the auctioned premises facilitates decision making in aspects relating to the premises or any similar real estate asset in the vicinity.
  • In event the auction is awarded to any other competing bidder, there will be no expenses incurred by the remaining participants as the security deposit is refunded.
  • Coldwell Banker deals with the most professional and renowned valuation experts in the Egypt who possess vast industry experience and market expertise.

Auction Announcement: Coldwell Banker Auctions on 1st of December

Coldwell Banker announces a public sealed-bid auction session for the sale of a fully equipped plot of land, with a registered ownership, with an area of 96,158 meters, next to Uptown Cairo at the main Mokattam.
The session will be held on Sunday, December 1st at 12:00 pm at Sonesta Hotel, El Tayaran Street, Nasr City.
This brochure is sold at Coldwell Banker Head Office at 35 Corniche El Nil Street - Maadi

Coldwell Banker Egypt
Auction Announcement: Coldwell Banker Auctions on 1st of December
Auction Announcement: Coldwell Banker Auctions on 1st of December
Auction Announcement: Coldwell Banker Auctions on 1st of December