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Why Coldwell Banker Egypt Franchise!

1 International brand affiliation
2 Well managed risk
3 Fastest and hassle-free collections
4 Coldwell banker academy
5 On-going head office support through international business experience with local implementation
6 Global network & cross selling
7 Cutting edge technology
8 The most profitable real estate relationships in town
9 Guaranteed access to the real estate industry
Franchise & Capitalize Program Provides You With Expertise In The Following Areas
Human Resources & Training
  1. Sales Structure
  2. Targets, Salaries, and Commissions
  3. Career Path
  4. HR templates
  5. Policies, Procedures and Benefits
  6. Training calendar and policies
  1. Employees’ Contracts
  2. Employees’ legal Paperwork
  3. Taxes related to employees
  1. Monthly fees and Commission Collection
  2. Provide you with Induction on developers’ rules
  3. Share with you all details of Taxation law and its application
  4. Advice on Accountant hiring and they key qualifications required
Developers Relations
  1. Getting to know which developers and projects have already been signed.
  2. Getting introduced to the commission schemes and process with Developers.
  3. Discussing launches, conflicts and incentives with Developers.
Operations & CRM
  1. Getting introduced to the operations and IT department and their support functions
  2. Going through system definitions and operation rules
  3. Going through the Leads Journey
  4. System duplications, conflict and reassigning rules
  5. Targets and commissions
  6. Recognition program
  7. Understanding Sales force system in adjunction with operations rules and training to be scheduled
  1. Provide you with all CI material for setting up your office and stationery production.
  2. Providing you with a list of the approved and preferred vendors and agencies.
  3. Providing you with expertise in leads generation and digital media buying in general.
  4. Act as a remote marketing support for all marketing related queries.
  5. Support all your clients’ sign up to CB STAR Club (privileges program).

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When Choosing A Real Estate Company,
Size Definitely Matters
Training Academy

Coldwell Banker Training Academy is considered one of the specialized institutes in Egypt that offers Real Estate education development and this should help Egypt build their leaders of tomorrow and create a deeper pool of talents in the Real Estate sales field. These courses are designed to offer all candidates interested in Real Estate sales a greater insight into the profession of selling and closing deals. Coldwell Banker Courses are delivered by professionals with over 10 years’ experience in real estate, the courses consist of both theoretical and practical elements of the real estate sales process with the emphasis on negotiations and closings.

Coldwell Banker Egypt (CRM System)
Global Network

When choosing a real estate company, size definitely matters:

The Coldwell Banker® brand is a global network of over 92,000 agents spanning 44 countries, united by what is perhaps the strongest legacy in real estate. As an independent agent, you’ll see some serious advantages from affiliating with one of the industry’s largest names. Advantages such as global referrals, unparalleled brand recognition, advertising campaigns and advanced tools ensure that affiliated agents have the resources they need to maximize their business. Because when it comes to your real estate business, bigger is most certainly better.

Coldwell Banker Egypt:

Coldwell Banker® was founded in the US in 1906 and has grown to become the world’s leading full-service Real Estate provided with over 3000 offices and 86000 Sales Associates worldwide. Coldwell Banker first arrived in the Middle East in 2001 and grew to become the preferred Real Estate Hub in the country with showrooms all over Cairo (Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, Maadi and Zamalek) Our heritage has led us to become who we are today, building on two decades of successful operation in Egypt.

Success Is Cause For Celebration

The Generation Blue Experience® is a gathering unlike any other. Here, thousands of agents come together to share knowledge, have fun and get fired up to be the best. Whether united virtually from every corner of the globe, or brought together in the most prestigious venues of amazing cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York, we gather to celebrate who we are and what we can become. Incredible speakers share knowledge, insight and wisdom. Informative classes teach new skills and the latest technology. Amazing social events featuring some of the world’s top entertainers let agents connect professionally as colleagues and personally as friends — many times creating friendships that last a lifetime. At the Generation Blue Experience, it’s easy to see that being part of the Coldwell Banker® brand means being part of something truly special. There’s a powerful spirit that runs through the Gen Blue community, through every agent, office and broker. We wake up inspired. Inspired to have fun. Inspired to care. Inspired to be an indispensable part of our neighborhoods. Inspired to create something amazing for our clients and our business. Across 40 countries and more than 96,000 people, we are united by our passion, by our joy and by our desire to do great things in real estate.

The Real Estate Experts

Fully integrated Real Estate services
115 Years of global experience and
20 Years in Egypt and the Middle East.


We believe that if you are going to do something, you should be the best at it. In addition to symbolizing our passion for guiding people home, the star in our logo represents the truly exceptional nature of the Coldwell Banker network.Whether it's


a listing presentation or a potential client, a home staging for an open house, or leading an office, excellence means conducting business at the highest possible standard. Every Coldwell Banker resource and learning opportunity is purpose-built to help our affiliated agents be excellent in every facet of their business, and that's something we take great pride in.

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From our very beginning in 1906, we saw things differently than others - ingenuity is at the heart of the Coldwell Banker brand. Across our storied history, we have consistently found new ways to help our clients, pioneering quite a few industry firsts


in the process.From the first real estate code of ethics to be the first to bring big data to agencies' fingertips when we're moving the real estate industry forward while also guiding our clients home with unmatched service.

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Awesomeness is a mindset that runs through every Coldwell Banker affiliated agent and office. It is how we approach every business opportunity and how we live our lives. Awesomeness is a feeling of energy and optimism that is impossible to ignore.


Our one-of-a-kind events and inspiring causes create awesomeness you can feel in your mind, heart, and soul.
It is the only way we can describe what happens when our global network of agents and brokers joins forces, sharing insight and knowledge to succeed together.

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Home is a place that represents unparalleled love and emotion. It is our mission to bring the joy of Home to every one of our clients with expertise, passion, and energy.
As a brand, we take pride in building an exceptional home that foster


successful affiliated agents and brokers. The Coldwell Banker brand is a home where you are empowered to achieve your most ambitious goals and a community where colleagues who believe in and inspire you.

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