Lagoons Swimming Pool

Fanadir Bay

District: El Gouna


Fanadir Bay project that embraces the advantages of its unique location and integrates its surroundings into its design concept, that is what Fanadir Bay is about for Alchemy. Sculpted architecture flows seamlessly into interior spaces, favoring an atmosphere of no boundaries. Clean lines that bend into arches and open into double heights allow natural light to stream uninterrupted. The window openings reflect the careful interplay of shadow and light, using both to optimize a sustainable, environmentally conscious logic while maintaining an atmosphere of serenity and beauty. The use of natural materials supports the seamless integration of the interior and exterior spaces without compromising the ornamental design elements which add a carefree atmosphere. The outdoor is a continuation of the interior space and is given the same attention to detail. Hard and soft scape blend in harmoniously with the environment and melt into the horizon. Compromising neither comfort nor luxury both indoors and exteriors are designed using lifestyle-enhancing elements that have been carefully woven into the concept to create a sense of belonging and appeasement to the senses.

  • Area From: 167 m²
  • Starting Price: 4,545,000 USD
  • Area From: 270 m²
  • Area To: 500 m²
  • Starting Price: 1,110,000 USD
Starting Price 1,110,000 USD
  • Last Updated 29 Oct 2019

Down Payment 15%

Installments Years 5

Delivery Date 2019