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District: Ain Sokhna

Welcome to Majada, an exclusive year-round mountain-top sanctuary, inviting Ein El Sokhna’s sea views into 90% of its homes. Inspired from the word", "ماجاداً" which means ‘gloriously’ in Arabic, the name reflects the destination’s great beauty and splendor, while offering a glorious magnitude of pleasure in one’s own experience. Soaring on one of the most iconic mountain landmarks in the area, Majada’s strategic location grants direct access to the International Galala Marina and resort, allowing its homeowners to enjoy an abundance of top-class facilities spanning state-of-the-art medical services, top-class educational establishments, a world-class yacht marina, in addition to non-stop water activities and touristic services to entertain and delight. Majada is carefully designed to transform Sokhna’s living experience into a first home, exuding creative influences on the mind, body, and soul. Take a deep breath and explore freedom, authenticity, individuality, adventure, and experience all the possibilities that lie ahead, 365 days a year.

  • Area From: 240 m²
  • Area To: 520 m²
  • Starting Price: 5,800,000 EGP
  • Area From: 160 m²
  • Area To: 190 m²
  • Starting Price: 4,400,000 EGP
  • Area From: 70 m²
  • Starting Price: 1,400,000 EGP
  • Area From: 110 m²
  • Starting Price: 1,875,000 EGP
  • Area From: 170 m²
  • Starting Price: 2,650,000 EGP
  • Area From: 170 m²
  • Area To: 230 m²
  • Starting Price: 3,600,000 EGP
Starting Price 1,400,000 EGP
  • Last Updated 12 May 2020

Down Payment 0%

Installments Years 8

Delivery Date 2023


For the past 17 years, IWAN Developments has catered to its communities’ best interests. Taking its name from the Arabic language, IWAN means a place of gathering, which mirrors its core belief in providing significance to community and belonging. With ...

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