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District: El Sheikh Zayed

Ora Developments brings you ZED, The destination in El Sheikh Zayed.Every space at ZED is a vantage point to spectacular views immersed in immaculately landscaped greenery. 165 feddans of walkable, mixed-use beauty with every detail designed to perfection and world class finishing. Wherever you are at ZED, just look around and there’s always something to bring you Joy. At ORA, “we are more than developers,” and ZED is our latest in a series of luxury lifestyle destinations around that world that translate/ express that statement to reality. It is an entire destination created exclusively to be the first step in/springboard of your own journey towards Happiness.

  • Areas From: 55 m²
  • Areas To: 252 m²
  • Starting Price: 2,000,000 EGP
  • Areas From: 227 m²
  • Areas To: 231 m²
  • Starting Price: 5,100,000 EGP
  • Areas To: 490 m²
  • Starting Price: 50,000,000 EGP
  • Areas To: 228 m²
  • Starting Price: 5,500,000 EGP
  • Areas From: 321 m²
  • Areas To: 326 m²
  • Starting Price: 7,300,000 EGP
Starting Price 2,000,000 EGP
  • Last Updated 9 Mar 2020

Down Payment 15%

Installments Years 10

Delivery Date 2023

Ora Developers

Ora Developers is a leading name in the field of designing and developing luxury lifestyle destinations in unique locations. The company brings world-class expertise, exceptional attention to detail and visionary ideas to every landmark project it works on.

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