Novus Stanza

For the past 30 years Novus Stanza Properties has been committed to building high quality projects. Novus Stanza prides itself in having built communities which ensure outstanding workmanship. Novus Stanza has built and sold over 3,000 units all varying in type and location with our diversified land bank.

Novus Stanza ensures the trust of its clients and maintains a credible reputation in the real estate market. Novus Stanzas property types contain a wide variety of units such as high-end villas, beach villas and chalets, commercial properties and hotels all maintaining unique architecture. All properties ensure the world class standards for your dream home, business or vacation home. With state of the art facilities, full amenities and outstanding services our complexes ensure convenience, comfort and a high quality of life for you and your family. Novus Stanza Properties certifies and provides you with all that you need to enjoy life in Egypt.

Novus Stanzas ensures the production of high quality properties and aims to exceed our client’s expectations in quality, delivery and cost, offering and simplifying the option of luxury living to the Egyptian population.

Novus Stanza envisions becoming Egypt’s primary preferred and respected real estate developer, recognized for delivery quality and exceptional architecture whilst providing trust through our proven track record and commitment to design, quality and efficiency.

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