Sorouh Developments are a group of premium real estate developers in the Middle East who decided to play a significant role in the development of Egypt. They present an integrated, unique, modern and endless urban development, where we will engrave the signature of Sorouh for a life time.

Sorouh believe that development is the main cause of civilized nations, where opportunities and new communities are born. Our participation in the development, which is becoming the center of attraction to many customers who are seeking a calm retreat, yet vivid and vibrant. Sorouh project fulfills our ambition to present a pleasant life experience to our customers, which in turn positions us as the number one real estate company that offers the finest quality with the highest market value.

Sorouh aim is to introduce supreme quality homes to the Egyptian society in a perfectly planned compound which provides ultimate services. Due to its incomparable prices, Sorouh proves that luxury homes are affordable! As perfection is our integrity, we work courteously to deliver an outstanding quality with a progressive market value.

Sorouh Projects

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