Wadi El Nile

Wady EL Nile is in a very exciting moment in its history. Since its inception in 1989. Wady El Nile has been a significant company in the fabric of Egyptian society. The company has been serving sectors such as health, transportation, judicial entities, education, real estate, entertainment and various government entities that serve more than 80 million people every day.

Today WN has grown to a full-time staff of over 1,650 employees and is ranked as one of the largest ten contracting companies in Egypt. They have finalized the design of our new head quarters and started construction on what will offer Wady El Nile the appropriate corporate facilities within the heart of Cairo for facilitating business going forward.

In the most recent years Wady El Nile continued to grow in revenue defying the global challenges of the financial crisis. Our annual revenue in 2007 was 523 million Egyptian pounds, the following year was 1.14 billion Egyptian pounds and the following year doubling to 2.75 billion Egyptian pounds in 2009.

The company prides itself for being very dynamic and constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve. In the past five years WN succeeded to attract Egypt’s most talented workforce to join its large family of talent to provide unmatched quality in every project. Recently WN has significantly expanded by offering project management services to strategic projects, such as the new Cairo expo city designed by Zaha Hadid.

Wady EL Nile is preparing for the future. The company has a newly designed headquarters being built in the heart of Egypt’s capital. Wady EL Nile is also acquiring significant and attractive real estate properties for development into various areas of industry and for world-class self-sustaining residential projects.

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