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Introducing Franchise & Capitalize: A Franchise Model by Coldwell Banker Egypt

Having now operated for 20 years in Egypt and over 100 years globally, we’re finally announcing a new phase in our Egyptian operation that is set to disrupt the real estate industry for the better.
Having spent several years perfecting the right formula, we are proud to introduce our franchise model under the name of Franchise & Capitalize where businesses, investors and keen industry talents can now associate their own brand with our global name and gain access to countless benefits, not to mention priceless brand equity, all of which lead to highest ROI.
Through this franchise program, Coldwell Banker franchisees will gain priority access to100+ developers and 300+ top projects around the country with best-in-class commission rates from developers and the collection terms in the market.
Access to vital tools that will help you grow your business is also one of our program’s unique strengths, as franchisees will benefit from tools such as their industry-renowned CRM and trainings ranging from entry-level to advanced through the Coldwell Banker Academy & Coldwell Banker Global Virtual University.
CBE franchise adoptees will also benefit from the company’s innovative CB Star Club concept which remains unrivaled on a national level, as well as gaining guaranteed chances to represent themselves at Cityscape & Real Gate exhibitions. Recognition programs are also in place for the highest achieving franchises in the form of trips to Coldwell Banker’s annual conference in the United States.
Together with its future franchisees, we are seeking to expand in different territories across Egypt both in the residential and commercial markets using their distinguished systems and unique resources in the face of an ever more saturated and confusing real estate industry, with help of their time-tested documented processes, regulation and a century of global expertise.
If you are interested in becoming amongst Coldwell Banker’s first potential franchisees, you can sign up below by filling out a simple form for a chance to be a part of our Franchising Conference on December 7th, where you will learn more about the program and have the chance to sign up for a franchise of your own.
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Introducing Franchise & Capitalize: A Franchise Model by Coldwell Banker Egypt