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Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon
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Telal North Coast | The Soul Lagoon

District: North Coast

Rooya Developments made a great effort during its design of the new Telal El Alamein village, so it cooperated with the most famous engineers and experts in the field of architectural design and used their innovative ideas. The resort's design came in the European style, which works on the comfort of customers and the realization of all their dreams and aspirations.

The village of Telal North Coast was designed in the form of terraces of gradient heights that allow the units to have an integrated panoramic view of the sea directly from all directions, which increases the feeling of calm and enjoyment of comfort and recreation in these attractive landscapes, and the company was keen on the availability of green spaces between the residential units to increase privacy between neighbors.

Rooya Developments, during its planning to establish the Telal North Coast project, focused on choosing a suitable plot of land on which to place all its units and public facilities that meet all the necessary needs of the owners. The total area of the village is 134 acres.

It was divided into two parts; the area was the smallest for the housing units. As for the largest area, it was for green spaces, colorful trees, attractive landscapes, and crystal lagoons that reflect the landscape of the village and give it a distinctive view of all the units of the village, and it was keen to spread green spaces between the housing units to increase privacy among the neighbors.

The village is located at kilo 143 of the Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh Road, which makes it close to the most important roads and vital and main areas that facilitate the owners to move from and reach them. The most important of these roads are the following:

  • Telal North Coast is only two hours away from Marsa Matrouh Governorate.
  • It is also an hour and a half away from Alexandria Governorate.
  • The village is close to the new Alamein Airport.
  • It is located near the famous Sidi Abdel Rahman area.
  • The village is also located near the most important villages, including Ghazala Bay and Hacienda Bay.

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  • Area From : 161 m²
  • Area From : 112 m²
  • Area From : 127 m²
  • Area From : 112 m²
  • Area From : 168 m²
  • Area To : 214 m²
  • Area From : 302 m²


Roya Group was founded by Engineer Hisham Shoukry in 1997 – a real mastermind in the real-estate industry who started his success story 20 years ago by developing a branch called “TIBA Real Estate Development Company”. 

Today Roya group is one... Read more