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CBC – ADVANTAGE | Overview

Coldwell Banker Commercial – Advantage (CBCA) a subsidiary of Coldwell Banker Egypt one of the top world leaders in real estate services. Coldwell Banker Commercial – Advantage (CBCA) was established in 2016 to cover the different needs of the clients in the real estate market, serving our clients throw 5 offices in Egypt that provide professional real estate services.
Research & development is deeply rooted in our DNA. We offer a wide range of specialist services from Development studies including Market Research & Competition Analysis, Highest & Best Use Studies, recommendations regarding the concept design, SWOT Analysis &Recommendations, tailor-made Marketing & Sales strategy, Retail Studies &Tenant Mix, Facility Management & Operational Studies, Financial studies, Asset Valuation, Real Estate Investment consultancy & Funding Advisory.
Moreover, our team of consultants can help business owners and individuals buy, sell, or lease commercial real estate. They understand market dynamics and have up-to-date insights and the latest commercial real estate news to provide you the game-changing advice to make an informed real estate decision.
We are business owners and we think like business owners. We speak the language. We get it. Our goals are to help our clients grow their businesses and benefit their communities. We are collaborators in addressing the challenges of spatial solutions and organizational efficiencies.
Putting the client first is not a billboard or slogan, but an operating credo at the core of every Coldwell Banker Commercial Advantage expert.



"The huge effect of COVID-19 first wave during this year and the coming year with the second wave will continue to paralyze the tourism sector worldwide and the Mena Region. Due to the unseen tourism dynamics, CBC Advantage will regularly present to its clients COVID-19 updates in order to be able to restart the domestic activities with high consideration on health and hygiene precautions. Our ultimate aim to help save the bankruptcy of many businesses in this field, encourage local commercial movement for an internal economic boost and staying safe by preventing the spread of the virus.”


Development Studies

Our consultancy is justified by extensive research & analytics covering detailed market research studies, Market entry advisory, SWOT analysis, highest and best use studies, design reviews and recommendations, tenant mix and retail studies, facility management plans, marketing and sales plans, feasibility studies.

Asset Valuation:

Get a fast, reliable and accurate value of your asset or portfolio in any sector, anywhere in Egypt, from experienced and certified professionals for all types of assets.

Real Estate Investment:

Offering in-depth real estate investment services, getting access to diverse investment opportunities in the local market, whether you are buying or selling, our investment experts looking for top-tier solutions to maximize returns on your investments.
Our growing investor pool allows us to seize exciting opportunities as they arise.

Funding Advisory:

After Understanding the client's needs and overall objectives including their investment strategies and advising on possible solutions, structures.
We connect investors with lending and equity sources in Egypt to secure the best financing and deal structure for any asset or property type, with tailored financial modelling and detailed economic impact assessment.


Sherif Hassan,


Amgad El-Tawil,

Investment & Development Director

Geraldine Emile,

Business Development Deputy Manager

Farah Khayal

Marketing Communication Specialist

Hana Yasser

Admin Assisant

Ahmed AbdelAziz

Senior Real Estate Valuation Specialist

Hager Adel

Real Estate Valuation Specialist

Tamer Elsaeid

Senior Real Estate Valuation Specialist

Fayrouz Khalid

Real Estate Development Engineer

Dina Zahran

Market Research Specialist

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