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Beta Egypt

Beta Egypt Have successfully established several projects, the golf house and golf palace at Obour City - Cairo, Beta Gardens at 6th of October City, these projects are completely delivered, now the company is in delivery process for its award nominated project Golf Residence project 6th of October, Upcoming project Beta Greens launch was in was in June 2015 , 25% of the project have been sold based on our customer trust. Only when they declared that development's reality exceeded their expectations then we know we are on the right path.

Here at Beta Egypt, we consider social responsibility as one of our core values to add to our main role which is building happy communities. In the exact way of pioneering the construction field over 25 years,We are proud of the social benchmarks we have set.  benchmarks we have set. Beta Egypt is privileged to partner with Dar El Orman Institution to improve. 

The living conditions of people in the Egyptian villages and push the poverty line down. Our plans for social responsibility are ongoing with no conditions and accept no restrictions. As a part of our social responsibility, we made cooperation between BETA Egypt Company and Dar El Orman Institution to improve the living conditions of people in Egyptian villages and work to improve the lives of individuals who are under the poverty line. So, we work on an organized and lasting plan to achieve our ambitions for the nation. 

Our vision is to implement. a successful business which helps our social life by providing youth with job opportunities to become leaders in their position by innovative and creative manner, helps employees to improve work style and to develop our community, which is reflected at the end in customer satisfaction.

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