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Originally founded in 1943 as a construction company by the late Eng. Mohamed Hassan Dorra, the Dorra Group is one of Egypt’s largest private sector companies. With over 70 years of customer satisfying success, the group has committed to its brand core; promising deliverance and cherishing quality. 

Flourishing into a market leader within many major fields, it has claimed its dominance within real estate development and investment, both residential and commercial, diverse industrial activities, tourism, concrete and brick production, as well as being an active advocate of policy change to the betterment of the public. Such a leading occurrence has granted the group its reputable recognition within the local market as well as that of the international (the Gulf and MENA Regions including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar and Saudi Arabia). 

It has also granted it the relationships and partnerships it carries today with several multinational companies, which enabled it to expand into more sectors such as Real Estate and Tourism.

The Dorra Group is a name of remarkable achievements and pride to its dear nation in three major sectors:

  • Construction and industrials
  • Real estate investments and developments
  • Tourism investments

Dorra Projects

Village West | Phase 1
Address East | Phase 2