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We do not only give people keys for homes to live in.. but we also create thoughtful facilities and empowering tools that allow our communities to thrive. When you think about 'Home', you long for that sense of repose. You long for everything that speaks 'quiet and free from disturbance'. You no longer have to escape the city to get lost in the colors of nature, let alone the feel it brings to your soul. 

You picture having your every need and wish, just a couple of mintues away from you. You picture every member of your family leading a safe state of being.Ever since 2008, Dunes Developments has been reimagining life, thinking Life Beyond Living... because when you consider it, in today's world, nothing tops splendor, comfort and security-speaking of lifestyle and investment opportunities. Dunes Developments took the lead in rediscovering and redefining Sheikh Zayed. The groundbreaking projects-Zayed Dunes, Zayed Dunes Complex, Zayed Regency and Rivulet-offer their residents the ravishing balance of tranquility, beauty and the practical convenience of blending work and life together.

Dunes Projects

V Levels | Phase 1