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Zed East
Zed East
Zed East
Zed East

Zed East

District : New Cairo
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Starting Price 1,340,100 EGP
Updated 24 Oct 2022 | Current Phase

Zed East

District: New Cairo

Zed East New Cairo compound is 400 acres by ORA Developers is one of the leaders in designing and developing luxurious lifestyle destinations in unique locations owned by the famous businessman and engineer It gives attention to detail and gives insight into each historical project it is working on so that it has a clear imprint in the world of real estate development.

Residents Elevator Sports Club Club House Business Center Underground Parking Central Park Commercial area

  • Area From: 64 m²
  • Area To: 85 m²
  • Starting Price: 1,340,100 EGP
  • Area From: 104 m²
  • Area To: 130 m²
  • Starting Price: 2,080,200 EGP
  • Area From: 139 m²
  • Area To: 186 m²
  • Starting Price: 3,110,600 EGP
  • Area From: 219 m²
  • Starting Price: 5,530,900 EGP
  • Area From: 238 m²
  • Starting Price: 6,640,600 EGP
  • Area From: 254 m²
  • Area To: 354 m²
  • Starting Price: 11,300,000 EGP
  • Area From: 226 m²
  • Starting Price: 8,860,000 EGP
  • Area From: 195 m²
  • Area To: 200 m²
  • Starting Price: 6,880,000 EGP
  • Area From: 175 m²
  • Area To: 180 m²
  • Starting Price: 6,130,000 EGP

Ora Developers

Ora Developers is a leading name in the field of designing and developing luxury lifestyle destinations in unique locations. The company brings world-class expertise, exceptional attention to detail and visionary ideas to every landmark project it works on.

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