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Entertain to Succeed Real Estate targeting Tech & Physical

The commercial development of leisure, travel and entertainment venues has increased greatly across the world and the user experience (UX) is the feeling of the client when interacting with any service.

User experience is the joker for any developer, as in today’s industry of rapidly growing interfaces, UX design has become increasingly important. It is represented in many forms that is mostly useful, delightful, accessible, memorable, effective and desirable. The type of service taking part at the destination will create a positive experience to clients.

The real estate sector is adapting the new technology trends for entertainment by entering the market and reaching blue ocean zone for how clients are entertained to become the media mainstays. The leisure and entertainment industry in the 21st century is adapting a more digitized, e-commerce world where many business activities will migrate to the internet.

Real Estate Developers are using Tech Trends

The tech entertainment business  is one of the elements of leisure that will benefit the real estate sector through various ways. For instance, sponsoring e-sports events which include (offering clients worldwide to watch their favorite matches without attending stadiums).

Also the gaming events have turned into a main driving factor in interactive gaming that  encourage better user experience. Developers are using gamification on their websites to attract users to be hooked to their products by inserting gameplay elements. Also the trend these days is seen and booming in the VR, AR, or AI, which is offered to all age groups.

The entertainment business sector for real estate is not only a source of collecting database, but also it is an indirect source of marketing to their projects or services to achieve positive user experience engagement and get huge traffic and can be used later as retargeting in physical events. Moreover, the entertainment makes it easier to go viral on social media and create the buzz and strong positioning.

Top Tech Entertainment Trends

The future of the  media and entertainment industry is driven by technology and physical trends and below are the latest technology based entertainments:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are considered as the top Digital Media Industry Entertainment as they both build relationships between content creators and watchers. eSports Broadcasting Trends is one of the latest digital media trends; its revenue used to hit more than one billion dollars by 2021-2022. The most significant share is retrieved from media rights and sponsorships.

AI Trends is effective for quickly estimating and retrieving emotional changes; crucial information to understand customer behavior and digital media consumption trends. Gaming Boost will also provide a space for  augmented reality and virtual reality tech solutions. Video streaming will help developers to incorporate video graphs and increase online visibility as they are more appealing, realistic and evoke clients’ emotion towards construction and live events.

Metaverse real estate help users to be linked to each other in different aspects and enable them to see virtual real estate in metaverse platforms. 
Innovative mobile applications which provides interaction.

Middle East has relatively underdeveloped commercial real estate leisure and entertainment sector. Yet Saudi Arabia and Dubai are planning aggressively to expand new venues on sub-sectors of categories such as theme parks, sports facilities, gaming, entertainment in F&B, recreational venues,  and cultural facilities to grow forward.

Today the entertainment business sector is relying heavily on providing the leisure activities which enhances the user experience in a unique and innovative way. The entertainment business is becoming very challenging to the real estate sector, as they are working  harder every day to attract customers and increase foot traffic.

Grabbing client’s attention is only happening by forcing unique and innovative strategies. The old days to lure customers by attractive discounts and freebies is not anymore enough but new tactics to boost engagement, unforgettable experience.

Investment in new entertainment tech and physical trends is the fuel that drives today’s clients interest and creating new experience.