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Al Qamzi Developments

Al Qamzi Developments is the result of a constructive Egyptian-Emirati partnership that always meets the requirements of its clients and seriously exceeds their expectations. Thanks to the acquainted experience of its Emirati partner in the field of transportation, contracting and infrastructure, and the proven competence of its Egyptian partner in the field of contracting, 

Al Qamzi Developments was established in 2010 to integrate the experiences of its two partners and enrich its activities in all areas of real estate development and development, to preside over its exceptional projects in a short period of time, major construction and development institutions Real estate in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In a market that always promises everything that is distinctive and new, Al Qamzi Developments is unique in its creative designs that combine the fragrance of our authentic Arab history and the highest arts of international architecture, with its high-end buildings characterized by luxurious engineering styles.

Al Qamzi Developments Projects

Eastshire | Phase 1
Seazen | Phase 1