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North Coast



Egypt's North Coast stretches over 1,050 kilometers along the Mediterranean Sea, from the city of Rafah in the Far East to the city of Salloum on the Libyan border. It is a popular summer destination for both Egyptians and tourists, known for its exquisite sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. The North Coast has a rich history, with its coastal cities serving as the hub of sea travel between the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile Delta for over 2,300 years. This article will explore the history, geography, climate, and real estate market of Egypt's North Coast, focusing on the Western North Coast and the Central North Coast.




The North Coast's history dates back to the Eocene era, when the area was an ancient sea that formed limestone, which was later used to build Ancient Egyptian monuments. The idea of traveling outside one's city to go to the beach of another city during the summer became widespread in the 1980s, with the discovery of an Ancient Roman town in El-Alamein, which was converted into an open-air museum.


Geography and Climate


The North Coast is characterized by its snow-white sand beaches and crystal clear water, with a total of five northernmost lakes in the region. The westernmost portion of the coast is formed by the 400m-high Marmarika Plateau, while the rest of the coast has low altitude shrublands along the region. The climate is between pleasant and hot, with the summers being moderately hot and humid, and the winters moderately wet and mild. The region receives the most rain in Egypt, with hail and sleet falling rarely in winter, and snowfalls occurring in some inland towns and locations.


Real Estate Market


The North Coast's real estate market has been growing since the 1980s, with national and local real estate companies, as well as regional companies, pumping money into owning land on the coast and building villages and resorts. The road development plan set by the Egyptian government, including the old coastal road and the new El Dabaa road, has significantly benefited the investmentmovement on the coast, making it easier for individuals to make weekend vacations throughout the summer in the Sahel.  


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