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Jadeer Group

Since 2010, Jadeer Group for Real Estate Development has been establishing massive residential and investment projects that incorporate its innovative theories in the field of construction and are based on the solidification of architectural artistry, combining the most beautiful architectural styles with an unprecedented artistic approach that creates an architectural state characterized by luxury, wealth intertwined with simplicity and elegance. 

These architectural facades serve as a guide and inspiration for captivating modern architecture, while the interior designs encompass service and entertainment worlds that revolve around the units, solidifying all the elements of comfort and happiness for the residents in exclusive environments on Egyptian land.

We have successfully completed more than 70 residential projects with luxurious architectural designs and the highest international quality standards, utilizing the finest building and construction materials. These luxury residential projects were delivered on time and in accordance with the agreed-upon specifications down to the finest details. Notably, Jadeer introduces a new concept for enchanting landscape views in its luxurious real estate projects, providing unprecedented atmospheres. 

These compounds offer the most distinctive service and entertainment-oriented lifestyles, all located in the most vibrant locations in Egypt. Thus, Jadeer for Real Estate Development has been able to elevate the quality of life and residential communities in Egypt to the utmost levels of sophistication, comfort, and luxury.

Consequently, at Jadeer Group for Real Estate Development, we dedicate our efforts to create advanced communities where we employ and introduce the latest designs in both exterior facades and interior design. We establish residential and investment lives in our projects that allow investors and owners to enjoy every minute and experience luxury in every activity they engage in, reaching the highest levels of pleasure and happiness. 

With unparalleled architectural expertise and creativity, we bring together multiple innovative solutions under one roof, creating an unparalleled investment or residential environment, while adhering to the highest standards of quality and exceeding them, fulfilling every client's dream in the Egyptian market. We establish these unique and unprecedented projects on Egyptian land in the best strategic locations to create a residential and investment experience that is the first of its kind.

Jadeer Group Projects

Orla Residences | Phase 2
Code | Phase 1
Obex | Phase 1