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New Jersey Developments

An Egyptian-American developer investing in the future of Egypt. Over the last several years, New Jersey Developments has established itself as one of the leading real estate development companies in the field. This success has been in large part due to their dedication to providing customers with unique designs and engineering solutions for the modern urban community.

A pioneering company in the field of building and construction, New Jersey Developments has become an industry frontrunner across the Arab world, and indeed internationally, backed by top engineers and the best in engineering design.
New Jersey projects are characterized by innovative designs that are both beautiful and functional.

An abundant respect for natural landscapes and the importance of green spaces, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of the latest technologies provide communities with convenience and an exceptional quality of life.

With an impressive and ever-growing list of projects, New Jersey Developments will continue to develop and expand its reach, offering the best in residential, commercial, and administrative construction, always prioritizing the needs of the communities it serves.

New Jersey Developments Projects

Gensis | Commercial Phase 1
Jura | Phase 1
Green Avenue | Phase 1