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Town Writers Development

Town Writers Development is the new brand name for Eight Developments, a real estate development company. This change aligns with their unique innovative vision for the coming years, aiming to bring a qualitative shift to the concept of real estate development in Egypt. They aspire to build smart residential units and investment projects supported by all means of success.

Although Town Writers is relatively new to the real estate market, it has successfully competed with major companies. During this period, it has made a distinctive mark in the real estate market in various areas such as New Cairo and the Administrative Capital. The company strives to constantly communicate with customers, understanding their desires and providing them with what they dream of.

Town Writers entered the Egyptian market with a different concept to achieve a different strategy, making it one of the largest companies in the Egyptian real estate market. It has adopted several objectives, including the following:

  • The company always seeks to offer solutions to the problems faced by customers and works towards satisfying them. This is considered one of its main goals as a company and entity.
  • It focuses on building residential communities with a high level of quality and efficiency, following international standards.
  • It leverages the expertise of the best engineering and architectural professionals in the market to build projects with a high level of experience and efficiency.
  • It chooses high-quality construction materials to ensure durability and lifelong sustainability, so that customers do not need to change any type of material, whether it's paints or others.

Town Writers Development Projects

Revolve Mall | Phase 1
The Strip Mall | phase 1