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Urbanlanes Developments

Urbnlanes provides inspiration and beauty of construction for those who are looking for artistic architecture to help them make the world a more beautiful place. We believe that each and every project is a masterpiece on its own, inspiring the surroundings and embellishing the real estate market. Needless to say, we care that our projects have their own ambiance, stamp, and soul, it is not just another real estate project. It is a new piece of art that turned into architecture, it is the latest story to be told, it is the place where everyone is going to look and head to.

Urbanlanes plans on setting a new benchmark in the field of real estate development in Egypt by incorporating new upscaling standards of high quality, time, and maintenance. We aim to inspire the world through prominent buildings that not only reflect technicality but also mirror and give back to our community.

Urbnlanes wants to deliver a feeling through its buildings; positive energy that makes a difference with people in the space they inhabit whether they are residential, commercial, or office spaces. Our golden rule is to consider the artistic elements and aesthetics, in conjunction with the function, hence developing buildings that meet the occupant’s needs, client's expectancy and exceed the market scale, thus we take the industry to a new level of sophistication and innovation.

Urbanlanes Developments Projects

Levels Business Towers | phase 1
Yellow Residence | Phase 1