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El Masyaf | Lagoon Phase 2
El Masyaf | Lagoon Phase 2
El Masyaf | Lagoon Phase 2
El Masyaf | Lagoon Phase 2
El Masyaf | Lagoon Phase 2
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Starting Price 7,327,804 EGP
Updated 30 Mar, 2024 | Current Phase
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El Masyaf | Lagoon Phase 2

District: North Coast

M squared has handpicked their partners and consultants, making El Masyaf an even more personal and special experience for every¬one to rejoice in. Reshuffling the Sahel game, by having sea view staggered chalets next to standalones right on the beach, El Masyaf gives you the flexibility to own summer the way you want it to be. 

Staying true to the name and its meaning, El Masyaf contributes to giving you a summer destination where it features a variety of homes and views, from family homes to standalone villas, stag¬gered chalets and twin houses. Defined by familiarity, it is set to be home to El Lokanda, El Marssa and El Pansyon, where family and friends can all come together and rejoice summer.

A sensuous experience capturing the forgotten senses of wellbeing and enjoying the timeless simple pleasures of life. It is the feel of nostalgic summer days with the function of today, creating an oasis of joy.The wind in your hair, the sand on your toes, and the sound of waves becomes the soundtrack of your life.

Setting the stage for a spiritual and adventurous experience for all. Suited young to old, active to passive, morning till night, summer to winter, land to sea.

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  • Area From : 140 m²
  • Area To : 165 m²
  • Starting Price : 8,089,143 EGP
  • Area From : 100 m²
  • Starting Price : 7,601,100 EGP
  • Area From : 425 m²
  • Starting Price : 43,032,016 EGP
  • Area From : 162 m²
  • Area To : 165 m²
  • Starting Price : 10,492,074 EGP
  • Area From : 240 m²
  • Starting Price : 16,856,184 EGP
  • Area From : 110 m²
  • Starting Price : 7,327,804 EGP

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